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      "About murder, nothing," said Pen coolly. "Not to this woman. But no true woman could help sympathizing with a man hunted by a pack."

      They were not 100 yards away from the train, when the Conductor came storming up:After weeks of heart-saddening down-pour that threatened to drench life and hope out of every breathing thing, it will suddenly beam out in a day so crisp and bright that all Nature will wear a gladsome smile and life become jocund.

      The blow came to the negro as a welcome relief. It was something that he could understand. He sprang to his feet, grinned, snatched up the campkettle, and ran to the spring.Riever stared. "Well ... I believe you are capable of it," he muttered. That at least was honest.

      "'Tisn't every man," continued the Orderly, "that's gifted with fust-class talent fur drivin' team. I'd like to find the best man to steer them animals, an' if there's a real sientifick mule-whacker in this comp'ny let him speak up an' I'll detail him right off. It'll be a soft thing fur somebody; them mules are daises."

      "Not always in the same way."

      "Beg yer pardon," said Si; "I always was lefthanded. I'll learn if yer only gimme a show!"


      "This does seem to be a specially good lot," assented Shorty. "Probably a wagon load that they intended for the officers and give us by mistake. Better eat it all up before they find it out."Her father's jaw dropped. "How do you know?"


      Si's Chum, 'shorty' Elliott 026


      "He could have got but the briefest of glances."