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      "Knowledge is power," said Lawrence, "so long as you keep it to yourself. Why did you tell me that you had never heard of the tuberose perfume?"

      The hotel where I stayed that night was called H?tel de la Paix; an hotel of peace, indeed!

      "Take me back to Holloway," he said, sullenly, "and ask your Prout to see me in the morning. Say it will be worth his while."

      20th December"What is the Virgin Mary?"


      With these conclusions in his mind, but little progress will be made, and hence the reason for introducing the subject here.


      A stone parapet runs along the river road, and below it the grassy bank slopes gently to the clear and limpid stream of the Ganges. On the shores[Pg 141] of the sacred river fine trees overshadow many idols, and fresh flowers are constantly laid at their feet.