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      "You dare miscall me," and the two men, mad with private hate and public humiliation, flew at each other's throats.

      Thenceforward the whole character of the election was changed. The Poor Man's Loaf was forgotten as completely as the wheat-tax which should make the farmer rich. Six-pound householders became as uninteresting as anybody else who had not a vote. Nobody cared a damn whether the poor were educated at the nation's expense or not. The conflict raged blindly, furiously, degradingly round the Scott's Float toll-gate.

      Chapter 14"That's why I've got to m?ake un one, surelye."

      The waver in the Sergeant's face showed the temptation was a trying one, but he answered firmly:

      Shorty lifted the canteen to his lips and Groundhog clasped his throat with his thumb on Adam's apple. When Shorty got his breath he sputtered:"Well," answered Groundhog, wiping his mouth, "I'm through. The feller that runs this shebang ain't made nothin' offen me, I kin tell you. It's the first square meal I've had for a week, and I've et until there ain't a crack left inside o' me that a skeeter could git his bill in. I laid out to git the wuth o' my money, and I done it. What're you doin' down here in this hole? Ain't Injianny good enough for you?"

      Every now and then the crowd would break into the latest rhymings of MacKinnon's poet:In time the state of his own mind reduced Reuben to silence about his longings. He somehow lost the power of picturing himself married to this turbulent, bewildering creature, half-woman, half-child. He clung to her in silent kisses; leading her home over Boarzell, he would suddenly turn and smother her in his arms, while his breast heaved with griefs and sighings he had not known in the earlier weeks of his courtship.


      Dodd sighed. "Those who work get fed," he said. "And housed. And clothed. AndGod help usentertained, by 3D tapes older than our fathers are. If a man didn't work he'd getcast out. Cut off."


      "Oh, I've found a way of gitting shut of them rootsesthought of it while I wur working at the trees. I'm going to blast 'em out."There was silence, but not of the former discouraging sort. Richard was even bold enough to break it:


      "You've done it!" cried Pete.