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      There goes the best man weve got on show in these[309] parts. The gentleman to whom he spoke turned a somewhat pale and weary face to the coachman.

      I dont know yet that I shall ever try, she said, very quietly.I know Dogs Ear, William; there will be more than six in this affair.

      Trafford started and gazed at the man fiercely.

      I will go down to the camp, he said, almost humbly.

      In his own smoke the General's eyes opened aggressively. But hark! His nephew spoke again:

      "Con--? Ah, Con! I think the sister who could remind a sister of that--!" The sufferer went slowly up to her room, where half an hour later she was found by Miranda drying her bathed eyes at a mirror and instantly pretending that her care was for any other part of her face instead.


      Gone? When?


      Lady Wyndover stifled a cry and pointed a shaking hand at the door.


      Beautiful, is it not? There are few finer bays in England. Look straight below you, my dear. You see how the coast curves? That is where the new watering-place, that I told you of last night, is to be. Therejust by that jutting rockwill be the pier, and the esplanade will run round the curve, with the houses, in a terrace, at the back. It will make a capital seaside town, will it not?