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      Varley Howard raised his sombrero. Mr. Pinchook lifted his London-made bowler; then he got off his horse stiffly, and, with a sigh of relief, wiped his face with a silk handkerchief.

      No, no! Esmeralda exclaimed, with a strange expression in her voice and face. No, no! I am not!

      Before I answer that question, Lord Druce, replied Varley, with his most languid drawl, permit me to ask you what business that is of yours?

      Its a way fathers have, said Varley Howard.They went down-stairs, where a perfectly appointed brougham awaited them. A footman stood at the bottom of the stairs, a porter held the door open, another footman stood by the open door of the brougham, and touched his hat as the ladies appeared.

      What beautiful trees! And the road, it is like a garden path, like those paths in Kensington Park. When the palace came in view she uttered no sound, but her eyes opened, and her lips parted with wonder and amazement. Lady Wyndover, also, was startled and surprised by the vastness and beauty of the place, though she, of course, had heard and read of it.

      Well, it was about you, he said. It isnt fair to tell tales out of school, but I suppose a bride expects to be talked about; and the duke was very great. Selvaine says that you have bewitched him.


      He went to the fire and laughed also, as he dished up the steak and lifted the lid of the saucepan containing the coveted potatoes.